Mini Militia Hack APK (2020)

Mini Militia hack APK – Doodle Army 2 is about intense multiplayer battles!

Fight with up to 6 colleagues online in that 2D game cartoon-themed cross-connecting Soldat and Halo, motivated by the unique Doodle Army stickman shooter.

An addictive android game that allows you to host six online players or 12 local players through the local network to play and fight each other. With the variety of weapons and weapons available in battle, everything you can use to defeat your enemy (friends) provides a light and harsh environment to enhance your experience. If you like army, army, or even battle or shooting game mini militia hack is the best match. This game initially became popular with teenagers and later with adults for a short amount of time. To be specific, this is the most popular game played by students and office workers.

Have you ever played CS, Counter-Strike? Thus, this game offers a 3rd person view of your favourite game, CS. Although the Mini Militia differs from the Counter-Strike in many ways, one can still get the feeling of playing the Counter-Strike in the 3rd look at a smartphone.

The gameplay is straightforward to use: the virtual stick that allows you to move your character is on the left side of the screen, and the targeting stick is on the right. Your weapon is automatic as long as you point at your target. So you have to worry about targeting.

Each level is extensive, and you have enough space to jump and escape from your enemies. You can further find tons of weapons and projectiles on each level.

Fight a fierce battle in the arena with the Doodle Army. The last to win the game, Play Mini Militia hack apk on your Android or iOS device.

Mini Militia Hack APK Game

Currently, if you ask anyone what the best game on the battlefield is, the answer to almost every PlayerUnknown Battleground is. Still, when this game is out of the market, the best and most popular sport is Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia, and even today, it has many fans who love to play with their friends. Because you can play with your friends without an internet connection by using HotSpot, this means that this game can have played online and offline.

That is a 2D Survivor shooting game designed and developed by Appsomniacs LLC. First, it is only available for iOS devices. But after seeing success on the iOS platform, they also launched for the Android platform. After some time, this game covers large users on the Android platform, and the number of users is increasing daily. Also, the number of hacking incidents is growing, and additional Mini Militia MOD APKs are becoming available in the market, providing many Mini Militia hack apk games like unlimited health, unlimited ammo, and nitro, Wallhack and more.

So if you are looking for such hacks, you have come to the right place. Now we will talk about the hack in this article and also offer Mini Militia Mod APK with different versions.

How to Hack Mini Militia?

You have hacked every game, be it the mini militia hack apk or Clash of Clans, which requires a thorough understanding of in-game logic. Can perform basic game operations through applications such as apk Editor or WinRAR. But to make hacks like unlimited health, All in One Mod apk, and CTF hack, you need to have the basics of programming languages.

To hack this Android game, you need to learn the basics of Decompilation from a programming language such as Java, C ++, and Swift. Mini militia hack apk built in these languages ​​and easy to hack if you do it right. Shiju Leon has added some fun information on how to flip files designed by the Mini Militia Hack to create hacks you can read here.”Can I hack mini Militia’s noticeable data of the transfer methodology or another well-organized difficulty?”

– Yes, you can, and the first thing you need to do is learn how to root an Android phone. Root makes it easy to change limited settings and provides access to the file system. Although you can hack this game without having to root on the phone, it recommended knowing this method.

Doodle Army 2 Secrets

DA2 is a mysterious game in some ways, and it hides some features away from the eyes of the players. The reason behind its concealment is because the exposé leads to the back doors in the application. Such a back door result in the development of so many Mini Militia hacks apk  you see on the internet today.

We bought front cheat codes from Doodle Army 2 that were otherwise hidden by the Appsomanics in the players. We have also added a hack that allows you to choose any weapon you want. You get the option to select any gun when you breathe at random.

Mini Militia Cheats

One thing that remains consistent with video games is cheats, a specific combination of characters on the keyboard or game console. Mini Militia hack apk cheats allow players to skip levels or get additional features so they can move through the stages quickly and win matches. Here we have collected all the Mini Militia cheats that will allow you to get shield protection, unlimited ammo, unseen mini-militia hack, and more.

Mini Militia Cheat Codes?

  • Auto Shield – AS-197io12HTV
  • Additional ammunition – EB-RLi97Typ4
  • Melee attack – MA-RDi027474
  • Weapon upgrade – WU-MN45789

Mini Militia Mod Apk Latest 2020 Download

Mini Militia Mod Apk Pro Pack: – So, friends, you should hear about the most addictive Mini Militia action game. That is an online game of mulberry. Although this game is very addictive, so I also play this game 2 hours daily. This game is popular worldwide and has 50 million downloads on the Play Store. So in this article

, I’m going to share a Mini Militia Pro Pack with a simple installation guide. The Mini Militia hack apk Pro Pack was purchase from (Capture The Flag) CTF. You can download the Mini Militia Pro Pack Unlocked All Apk Purchased Items from the links I gave you in this post. Latest mini militia mod apk download (download mini militia) 4.0.42!

We can play this game and can fight with 8 Online players or Local Multiplayer. You can train and expand the experience of playing this game and increase your skills. Mini Militia Hack apk Apk!

Mini Militia Mod Apk opens the total items purchased Apk.

App Size46 MB
Mod DetailPro Pack
Need Android VersionAndroid Version 3.0+
Last Updated1 day ago

Mini Militia Mod Apk Download

Mini Militia is an online 2D multiplayer game. Since this game is so addictive, this game will be your habit if you play this game every day. And this game is viral around the world, and the number of new players is increasing daily. The Mini Militia hack has two variants, the prime is a free version, and the secondary is a paid variant.

The free version is for everyone, but to use a pro version, you have to pay 100rs. On the Google Playstore. But don’t worry guys, now I am sharing the Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod APK so you can access all the paid features of Mini Militia hack without spending any money. I’ve shared the download above.


Mini Militia Mod Unlocked

With Mini Militia Pro Pack Mod Apk, you get all the professional access to this game, just like you can buy a pro player pack to get full access to new avatars, online weapons, rocket launchers, sniper rifle, saw a gun, etc.

The paid version of the Mini Militia, you are not new now that you have become a pro of the Mini Militia hack with so much power.

You get the pro pack and full version of the mini militia in this mod:You can unlock all saved items by merely playing a battle, as you will get free points after playing a fight, and you can unlock all saved items from these points.

Mini Militia, All items in the store, purchasedSo with the pro features, you can also use custom avatars, just like you can use your custom avatars:

Mini Militia Pro Pack is locked

So, guys, this is the latest and updated pro package from Mod APK where you get all the saved items, and this game version is 4.0.42 CTF by Capture The Band, and the new upcoming update is exciting and has a lot of good things.

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Mini Militia Mod Apk Pro Pack (Installation)

So, guys, this is the Mini Militia pro package with the latest version, which is now 4.0.42. I have already downloaded these links for the game at the end of the post.; you can download it from there. Mini Militia Mod apk download has a straightforward installation process.

This pro package from Mini Militia APK does not require root access, and you can also use this game on non-rooted devices and don’t worry, this app is 100% safe for your device. So, after downloading the Mini Militia pro package from the links I provided in this post, follow the guide below where I guide How to install

Mini Militia Mod APK Pro Pack.

The first and most important step for installing an APK app on Android devices, we need to enable unknown resources from security settings. The location for the hidden source may vary by device. But this is the most critical step to download this game on your phone.

Mini Militia Pro package

Now, after enabling unknown resources from the settings after that, open the downloaded file of mini militia mod apk Pro and then install it.

Latest Mini Militia Pro Apk

after completing the Mini Militia app installation process, open the Mini Militia hack apk game from the launcher.

Download Mini Militia For PC

This Mini Militia officially ejected for Android-based mobile phones and iOS-based mobile phones. Due to this considerable hit and crazy, everyone wants to play this game on PC. Don’t worry; we will provide the complete information to download and install this game on PC. This game is ultimately a free version for Android and iOS. Buying the Pro Player Pack gives you full access to dual-wheel drives, additional avatar customization items, and online weapons such as rocket launchers, sniper rifles, lasers, saw weapons.

Mini Militia toward PC Download Windows and Mac – Official Procedure:

This PC mini-militia is available for both Windows and Mac-based systems. You require to download the connection file “Mini Militia.exe” on your PC. You can download the mini militia hack apk installation file from the link below and install it on your PC. If you follow the methods below, you can get this mini militia game on PC quickly.

  • Download the installation file via the download link
  • Install it on your PC by installing files
  • The shortcut icon created on the screen
  • Double-tap to start the game on your PC.

If the above file doesn’t work, don’t worry, we have two alternative methods.

Play Mini Militia On PC Through Emulators:

1) Download Blue Stacks here

2) Install it on your PC

3) Open the blue stacks software and in the “Mini Militia” search bar type and press Enter.

4) The resulting apps will appear on the screen and install the mini-militia app on it on your PC.

5) Then double-tap it, the game will start loading on your PC.

6) It’s my friends. Here you can easily play this mini militia on PC later.


Mini Militia Hack IOS

The Mini Militia is becoming more and more popular in the sun. Now, this is one of the popular multiplayer online games. With Mini Militia hack, you can play with random players or with your friends. To tackle these, you must have purchased pro packs and store items. There are two platforms for playing mini-militias. One is the iOS (Apple device), and the other is Android. One of the pro features of this game for both platforms is a pro pack. You need to buy it to unlock a feature. The price of the 4 Battle Point Pack is $ 4.00. Today I will show you how to get the Pro pack and battle point pack for free on your iOS device.


  1. Any version of Mini Militia. Download from the Apple Store.
  2. Jailbroken device

Mini Militia Pro Pack Ios (one by one):

  1. First, go to Resources on Cydia and add
  2. Then install free in-app purchase fixes on Cydia. Some of the configurations are local in-store, Iapcracker, Iapfree. You can use everything. But I recommend LocalIapstore.
  3. After installing one of the arrangements, restart the springboard. Then enable customization via Settings.
  4. Now go to Mini Militia. Then go to the upgrade.
  5. Click Purchase. Now it wants your Apple Store password. Cancel it.
  6. If it wants your password a second or third time, cancel that time as well.
  7. It stuck in processing; start from step 4.
  8. After that, you will see that the Mini Militia pro pack is purchased
  9. Use the same trick to buy a Battle Points package. If the Apple Store wants your password, cancel it. You can buy all four points in the battle with the same trick.

Some Of The Problems Solved

  • If a server error or authentication error is displayed, close the Mini Militia and reopen it. then start again from step 4.
  • if your installed tweak won’t work, install another tweak and try again.

Bravo, you have free mini milia pro pack ios. After performing all the steps perfectly, you may not have a problem. Find the step you made and try again. If you run into any other issues, comment below.

Mini Militia MOD App Information FOR IOS.

App nameMini Militia Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Ammo,
Unlimited Batltle Points, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Nitro, One Shot Kill & Fly Through Wall
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No


Mini Militia MOD Features:

  • Infinite ammunition
  • Unlimited points in the battle
  • Universal health
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Turn off One-shot
  • Fly to the wall
  • Free to download
  • Fully secure
  • Mini Militia Mod file is easy to install
  • Auto Update
  • No need to root or jailbreak your game!

mini militia hack unlimited health download

In a mini-militia game, health refers to a player’s life. It appears in the top left corner. Usually, a player loses his life to some bullet attacks or electric shock attacks. But how good it is if your player has never lost his life. Yes! No player can kill or play online via LAN wifi.


Unlimited Ammo and Nitro mod download:

Ammunition is the ammunition range of any rifle you choose in the game. In regular games, each weapon has been limited number of ammunition or ammunition. This ammo will run out after a few hours, and other players can kill with its ammunition when you run out of ammo. But the developers solved it by modifying essential files and adding an unlimited ammunition facility.

The Mini Militia has flying qualities. Your member can cross for a limited time if you have nitro. Nitro recharges after hours, and the power of flight begins. That means you have to wait until the nitro energy is full. But with this mod, you can fly unlimited as nitro will never end. Nitro also helps to escape from the enemy quickly. Click the download button to download unlimited nitro, ammo, and health mod. Also, don’t forget to check out the GOD MOD in the following sections.


Unlimited Money or Fight:

In this mod, unlimited battle points added along with other features. You can shop from the store using these battle points and equip upgrades and weapons up to the max.

Additional features of this mod:

  1. Endless health
  2. Mortal health mod
  3. Unlimited Nitro
  4. Unlimited bomb
  5. Endless ammunition
  6. Pro pack is open to users
  7. There are no restrictions on gun selection
  8. Direction to all weapons
  9. 4x to 6x children with all weapons
  10. Unlimited health with battle points

mini militia hack invisible

Mini Militia Mod apk has several system avatars based on Ridiculous superheroes like The Flash, Zoom, Batman, etc. Each of these avatars can have found in the game settings panel. These avatars are local to your device, meaning they are visible only to you and not to your game opponents.

                                         File Name: Mini Militia Invisible apk
                                                             File Size: 48 MB
                                              Developers: Appsomanics LLC
                                                                   Genre: Action

Don’t want to see how we made this Mod?

Easy! Just scroll to find out.

Earlier, had just posted the procedure for making the Mini Militia Invisible Mod but later realized that players were having trouble making the Mod itself. The app usually drops the installation section, and the images are chaotic.

But we still recommend that you give it a try and see if you can get the app to work correctly.

You can learn how to make your avatar invisible by following the simple guide below.

Simple Process for creating the Mod

Follow this guide carefully to create your own invisible Mod apk.

You can run an invisible hack from the Mini Militia without root permission.

1) Install the APK editor pro app and open it.

2) Tap “Choose an apk file” if you want to run the hack on the apk file that Mini Militia downloaded. By contrast, in “Select Apk from App,” the procedure is the same for both.

3) Find and select Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia APK data in your home.

4) Prefer “Flexible modification” toward “Mini Militia intangible hack.”

5) What you perceive now is the organic files connected with the Mini Militia hack APK and cheat for Android. All the Mini Militia cuts we see on the web have developed by modifying these files. You can change the background of the first screen of the game, as well as the experience of different cards.

6) Now go to the “HD” folder. Here you will find all the pictures used in the game.

7) Search for menuTexture.png menu file in the HD folder. This image contains all the doodle troops of two skinned avatars, weapons, grenades, etc. As separate images. Tap the blue saved icon. That keeps the phone’s internal memory to the folder named ApkEditor> Photos> menuTexture.png. We will modify this file to run the invisible Mini Militia hack and save the modified file to this folder.

8) Save the photo and restore it to your phone for easy browsing. Open Apk Editor again and go to the same place we left earlier in the menu texture folder.

Add Mini Militia Face and face swap face.

You can change faces to another image, perhaps to you or your favorite actor, actor. 😉

You should follow this Mini Militia guide like an invisible hack. The only difference is that this time you need to put a different image instead of existing avatars.

Edit the Menu Texture file to include the face you want if you have difficulty. While not entirely likely, you now know who will do it.

Here we added the face of Shin Chain abas popped out and tapped another image to fit the size.

Note that changes made to your avatar in this way affect your phone. In other plays, the original avatar has displayed.

Mini Militia Background Change

Mini Militia backdrop photographs have collected in the “HD” folder as specified above. So go to this folder with the Apk Editor app. Change the image you want. Make sure the size (size) of the convertible image is the same as the original image.

So you don’t need Mini Militia background mod to download elsewhere. Just follow the example and arrange it yourself. Try out some more changes and let us know when it comes to something worth sharing.

Takeaways from the Tutorial

Mini Militia is a great game, and what makes it so is the flexibility to allow changes to its files. Using the internal data, we can create different versions of the game. One such version is the invisible mod version, also known as ghost mod to some.

Mini Militia enthusiasts like Kmod and Denzel have also tried to create mods for this game only by using the above tricks. Any player who wants to twist to the game can make use of this guide to create an invisible avatar. It’s just so easy


  • Gameplay…… 8/10
  • Graphics….. 7/10
  • Sounds……9/10
  • Controls…… 7/10
  • Scare factors…….4/10
  • Content……8/10
  • Story……8/10
  • Overall…..8/10

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First of all, what I have to say about this game is that there are many hackers. Second, getting coins in this game is very slow. You must give more coins to the chest, or after the match is complete, you must provide at least 10 coins immediately for each kill. We can slow upgrading weapons. You can also add another way to get us coins.